SEMA Members Services

SEMA Member Services are here to assist warehouse owners. Navigating the storage industry can be complex a process. Afterall, do you know what standards your existing storage schemes are designed to?  The UK Health & Safety Executive expects you to be aware of the correct standards in warehousing and storage. Do you take the time to check the details on a storage supplier’s quality credentials? There is full assurance from SEMA.  Our member and audit process are here to do the leg work for you.  At SEMA we cover health and safety, use of trained labour and correct storage design.

We benefit our members by bringing like-minded providers of warehouse racking services together, ensuring consistency for warehouse managers and employees alike. Communication is at the heart of SEMA whether new legislation or industry issues we are here to provide a one stop shop for warehouse safety and management.

Each of SEMA’s five membership groups places health and safety at the heart of its agenda and together they cover the full supply chain. With a mandate to establish and continually improve safe working practices in the storage industry, SEMA works cohesively with the HSE, CSCS, RoSPA and other lead bodies.

Our members have full access to SEMA technical support.

SEMA promote racking safety in the UK
SEMA Members Promote Professional Rack Installation


When a racking structure is purchased from a recognised SEMA member, it comes with a warranty based on independent testing to our recognised Quality Assurance System. This guarantees that the product has been designed, manufactured, and installed to rigorously defined standards. The rack’s carrying capacity is based on this full circle of quality being in place.  And the Load Notice displayed normally carries the supplier’s full contact details for future advice.


SEMA Installation Companies or ‘SAICs’ manage installation projects to SEMA’s Quality Assurance standards.  To qualify as a SAIC the company must demonstrate a high level of commitment to safety standards, work to industry codes of practice and be regulated by an annual audit.  This is to measure the company’s ability to meet their customer needs and deliver a high-quality service.


Storage systems are supplied by the SEMA Distributor Group of companies (SDG). Recognised for the quality supply of their storage equipment, an SDG company must demonstrate a high level of commitment to safety standards.  In addition work to industry codes of practice and be regulated by an independent external audit.  This measures 31 areas of quality. And is the only scheme in the UK that independently audits the competence of resellers and distributors of storage equipment.