SEMA Approved Installation Company

racking installation training

The SAIC initiative is for installation companies who are keen to develop safety standards and take a proactive approach to the development of this sector within the industry. They must work to appropriate policies, maintain correct procedures, and retain formal documentation.

To become a SAIC member company there is a rigorous application process and a member’s credentials must fulfil exacting criteria. SAICs manage installation projects to SEMA’s QA standards.

Continuing the drive to ensure companies adhere to their strict standards, SAICs have followed in the footsteps of SEMA Distributor Companies in offering up their businesses to an in-depth quality audit. The rigorous process, repeated every three years, is designed to drive standards, and measure the company’s ability to meet customer requirements and deliver a quality service. The audit covers legal and regulatory compliance which checks policies, insurances, internal record keeping and training. It evaluates a SAIC’s management system, the control of non-conforming products and services and assesses the member’s health and safety controls.  It will also review how a SAIC manages installers, their licences, qualifications, training, and workmanship.

There is much commonality between SDG and SAIC members as they both raise industry standards. These businesses want to outshine the competition as professional companies in their fields. SDCs are recognised for the quality supply and SAICs for the quality of installation of storage equipment.