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SEMA member groups are interrelated and support logistic and warehouse storage providers every step of the way. Our guidance has been diligently thought through from project specification, through design, manufacture, and distribution.  We work with SEMA Distributor Companies, installation by SEMA Approved Installation Companies and personnel trained to the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme.

All our SEMA members work to relevant codes and are routinely and independently audited to meet our stringent QA criteria. To maintain safety in-use. We also deliver on site rack inspections which are undertaken by our highly trained, qualified, and experienced personnel known as SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors (SARIs).

SEMA Full Members

Full membership of SEMA is open to companies who are primary designers and manufacturers storage equipment in the UK, with a minimum of 2 years industry experience. SEMA manufacturing members lead the industry in terms of the research and development of storage products.

Under the remit of due diligence, we seek to prove that SEMA member products are some of the very best on the market. Our members are compelled to continuously engage in independent product design assessments carried out by the University of Salford. In doing so, SEMA is continually reviewing the technical processes required in the design of racking materials to substantiate their robust manufacturing Quality Assurance Scheme.

SEMA Distributor Group

A unique group of like-minded companies SEMA Distributor Group companies are recognised for the quality supply of their storage equipment and their dedication to raising industry quality standards. The SEMA Distributor Group is the only scheme in the UK that independently audits the competence of resellers and distributors of storage equipment. This ensures excellence in process, design compliance and delivering projects with the highest H&S standards. Therefore the SDG professional companies are all keen to develop safety standards alongside SEMA. Each SDG must demonstrate a high level of commitment to both safety and working to industry codes of practice. All SEMA Distributor Group companies and are regulated by an ongoing audit process.

SEMA Approved Installation Companies

The SEMA member that has the SEMA Approved Installation Company qualification is known as a SAIC. This illustrates that the company is dedicated to continuous improvement in their installation business. SAIC’s are recognised for the quality of installation of storage equipment, and they must work to appropriate policies. And also maintain correct procedures, and retain formal documentation.  

Continuing the drive to ensure companies adhere to SEMA strict standards, SAICs offer up their businesses to an in-depth quality audit. This rigorous process, repeated every three years, is designed to drive standards.  Furthermore measure each SAIC company’s ability to meet customer requirements and deliver a high quality service.

SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors are highly qualified professionals. Their day job is to complete the SEMA circle of quality by undertaking racking and storage system inspections at end-users’ premises. They conduct racking and storage condition assessments, reports, and recommendations.  This is so that all places of employment can operate as safe environments.

To achieve the SEMA Approved Inspector qualification the applicant is required to undertake an intensive three-day training course and successfully complete both a written examination and practical assessment. The qualified SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) must also commit to a programme of on-going CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to maintain the qualification.

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