Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme

One of SEMA’s key initiatives is SEIRS, a national programme for installers. Established in 2001 in response to concerns on safety at the point of installation, SEIRS is recognised as a best practice example of the industry regulating itself. SEIRS is based on three key components: an installation code of practice, training courses and ID card and registration system. 

The SEMA Guide to Method Statements for the Installation of Storage Equipment is integral to the SEIRS programme and sets out the safe way to assemble the storage equipment. Installers must adhere to this safe way of working and the Guide forms an integral part of the SEIRS training courses.

In response to industry demands to increase installation standards, SEMA launched their SEIRS Diploma in Adjustable Pallet Racking. SEIRS offers five courses which build a solid foundation of industry-specific issues to cover Health & Safety training, practical instruction on installing storage equipment and a rigorous assessment process. Courses include SEIRS Foundation Level – Part 1, Diploma Level – Part 2, Supervisor, Installation Management, and Refresher programmes.

Upon satisfactorily completing the SEIRS Diploma, refresher or higher-level courses installers are issued with a SEIRS ID card which is valid for three years.

SEIRS is the recognised route to a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card and meets the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) requirements. Site officials can verify the validity of a person’s ID card by contacting SEMA.

Installers are issued with a SEIRS ID card upon satisfactorily completing a SEIRS Installation safety course which is valid for three years. Site officials such as health and safety inspectors can verify the validity of a person’s ID card by contacting SEMA.


There are four in total – a Trainee card and a full SEIRS card and the same for the SEIRS -CSCS cards.

In all cases a prequalification for a SEIRS – CSCS card is the CITB Health Safety and Environment test.

This depends upon the expiry date of your SEIRS ID card.  If you have been SEIRS qualified for a period of time and your SEIRS ID card is still valid you may progress directly to Part 2. This is subject to you possessing the appropriate pre-qualification, either a MEWPS 3A & 3B qualification or a pass of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test, if a SEIRS – CSCS card is required then the CITB H, S and E test prequalification is mandatory.

In all other circumstances you must start with the Foundation Course Part 1.

Only if you require a SEIRS-CSCS card.  In this case you will need to have completed the CITB HSE Test and submit your Score Report

Part 1, the SEIRS Foundation Course, is a one-day course.  These courses run reasonably frequently.  Part 2 is a two-day programme and involves a stringent practical assessment on the second day requiring a high-level skill set.  By planning well in advance, and on the basis that all requirements are met satisfactorily, it should be possible to complete both parts within a six-month period.  You will then need to successfully complete the SEIRS Supervisors Course.

By completing the SEIRS Installation Manager course (1 day). The prequalification for the SEIRS Manager course is the CITB HSE Test at Manager/Professional level.

Yes, all SEIRS courses involve a rack climb.