Technical Support

As a warehouse owner, do you need technical support? We have approved and adopted without compromise, through technical standardisation. SEMA has led on the best practice of rack safety. Many of our safety outputs are adopted nationally, across Europe and the world over.

Warehouse Safety

SEMA’s definitive work is formalised into a set of codes and guides that are certainly not just for technicians and engineers but are of direct relevance to those with a management safety role. Together with training as well as installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by our members, these “codes of honour” as we call them, provide a framework for the safe design of racking.

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Technical Bulletin No. 01

Racking Repairs Involving the Straightening of Bent Material

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Technical Bulletin No. 02

Building of Racking involving the finger-build technique


Technical Bulletin No. 03

Rack Protection

bulletin 4

Technical Bulletin No. 04

Racking Repairs by Straightening Damaged Uprights

Technical Bulletin No. 05

Types of Inspection of Pallet Racking Systems

bulletin 6

Technical Bulletin No. 07

Load Notices


Technical Bulletin No. 08

Second-hand Racking

Technical Bulletin No. 09

Uncertified Welded Modifications

Technical Bulletin No. 10

Racking Design Standards

Technical Bulletin No. 11

Sheet or panel product storage

SEMA Technical Enquiries

Are you confused about your racking?  Here at SEMA we can provide technical support.  If you require free independent advice on any handling and storage product or problem, please contact us by using the form below.  For immediate results search our database of regular SEMA technical queries regarding containers, mezzanine floors, racking and shelving.

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