Load Notices

The SEMA load notice is a key safety item intended to give out the main safety messages, deliver key pieces of specific information and be easily read by workers on the shop floor as they carry out their normal duties. As far as the load notice is concerned there are only two logos that are relevant - the SEMA Distributor Company logo and the main SEMA logo.

SEMA load notices are split into three parts:

  • The general information section is applicable to all storage equipment and includes several instructions and warnings. This section is a reminder to warehouse users of correct behaviour in this environment. It’s a good idea to understand these as they apply to all types of storage equipment.
  • The Specific information part of the load notice gives information that is relevant to the installation and is intended to make sure that the equipment is loaded within its limitations.
  • Load notices also includes some administrative information on the supplier of the racking and can help answer queries about the storage equipment.

If you require more information or support check out our SEMA Support pages, including our frequently asked technical questions, direct technical support from the SEMA team and the SEMA publications available to you.

sema load notice