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End Users

"Can you help me, please? I have recently been appointed director of a chain of warehouses across the UK and know nothing about storage equipment. Where do I start?"


"I have heard that SEMA produces a range of Codes of Practice and Publications for all types of storage equipment. I would welcome any advice or information you can provide on the effective maintenance of adjustable pallet racking for our busy warehouses".


"Does SEMA offer any training on how to inspect cantlever racking? We are a builder's merchant and have multiple rows of cantilever racks storing heavy items and have been informed that we should conduct regular interal inspections of the racking".


"As a safety officer for a well known retail chain I am keen to keep abreast of all aspects of safety relating to the design, installation and use of racking and shelving going into our sheds. I am primarily interested in attending the SEMA Safety Conference which I understand covers these items but am also interested in the full range of SEMA Codes of Practice".


"The document HSG76 produced by the HSE is extremely useful. As a user of racking I am keen to find out more about the supply of quality racking products and to understand what standard they are designed to and how this may affect the use of the product. I have been informed that SEMA contributed to HSG76 and has more information on this area".