SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors

SEMA advocates a rigorous approach to rack inspection, maintenance and repair through a regime of (typically) daily, weekly and annual (expert) inspections. The three main reasons for an inspection are to check the condition of the equipment, ensure it complies with legal requirements and to verify that the equipment has been installed correctly.

There are two types of annual inspection commonly available; a full SARI inspection and a (non- SEMA) damage only inspection. A damage only inspection provides a list of damaged items and their location. It’s OK as far as it goes whereas a full SEMA inspector’s report offers far more. It will check immediate and regular scrutiny is being carried out; identify/check rack configuration as well as checking a host of other safety related matters.

SEMA Approved Inspectors are highly qualified professionals. Their day job is to complete the SEMA circle of quality by undertaking racking and storage systems inspections at end-users’ premises. They conduct racking and storage condition assessments, reports and recommendations so that all places of employment can operate as safe environments.

The SEMA Approved Inspector Qualification is aimed at individuals who carry out the inspection of storage equipment as a significant part of their duties. To achieve the required standard, they must successfully pass an intensive three-day training course, written examination and practical assessment The qualified inspector must also commit to a programme of on-going CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to maintain the qualification.

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