SEMA/FEM 10.2.16 The Design and Use of Rack Protection for Adjustable Pallet Racking


Upright and Frame Protection.

The purpose of this code is to provide information on the requirements, design and use of frame protection and upright protection, freestanding and upright-connected, of pallet racking. Such protection may prevent damage to uprights and upright frame bracing members, depending on the level of impact.

Minimising the possibility of damage to pallet racking is one of the important challenges facing the storage industry.

The form of protection relies on a number of factors, including:

1. Specification in accordance with EN15629

2. Design in accordance with EN15512 and EN15620

3. Installation

4. Defined responsibilities of the person responsible for staorage equipent safety (PRSES) in accordance with EN15635

5. Training of the operatives

6. Inspection and maintenance in accordance with EN15635

The provision of physical protectors should not be considered as a substitute for the correct provision of the above items. Consideration of rack protection may be part of the risk assessments to limit the effect of a potential impact.

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