Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking (2008)


This code of practice is intended to deal with the design of adjustable pallet racking subject primarily to gravity loads and supported on an internal concrete floor slab. The code is not applicable to Crane racking, Mobile racking, Drive-in racking, or to any racking which provides support for mechanical handling equipment. Nor is it applicable to Seismic loading or Wind loading.

This code is written on the basis that it is used by competent structural engineers and in accordance with other SEMA documents.

The code provides procedures which apply to pallet racking which may be designed partly on an experimental basis in the case of:

a)         the use of cold formed, thin gauge multiple holed sections

b)         the use of semi rigid hook or stud type connections to transfer load between beams and uprights and to maintain stability.

The recommendations contained herein may be applied using normal engineering techniques in the design of all types of riveted, bolted or welded storage equipment and ancillary structures where hot rolled or cold formed steel is employed for the main structural members.

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