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Storage Under Scrutiny

The UK wide lockdown in the first half of 2020 has resulted in a significant change for the warehouse industry. With the high street effectively closed many consumers moved towards buying online. Statistics show that sales in ecommerce grew significantly…

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Widespread Influence

racking in warehouse

For over half a century, SEMA has evolved to become a leading influence in the development of safety storage practice, in part by linking and collaborating with other leading groups and bodies. This reach is national, pan-European and international.   Today, UK-wide, it is the “industry partner and point of reference” on storage safety for the HSE,…

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Can You Afford to Risk It?

sema risk

In recent years, a series of new, tougher Health and Safety laws and regulations have been introduced and harsher penalties are imposed on those who flout the law. The reasoning behind the severity of the new rules is clear. Change for the better was much needed as evidenced by the HSE’s annual report of 2016/17 which states that employers lost 30.4 million…

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Buy From Us with Confidence

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In these days of ‘buyer beware’, end users can rest assured that SEMA members are stepping up to the plate.  SEMA manufacturers and associates rank among the very best in the world. They are largely (but not all) members of global organisations for whom…

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