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You don’t have to be scared about storage with SEMA

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08 October 2019


It's an extra spooky affair this Halloween as SEMS, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers' Association, invite you to join them at their Annual Safety Conference. If warehouse safety keeps you awake at night, SEMA's structure and support will certainly ease those nightmares! For a one-stop go-to source of best practice, join SEMA on 31st October at the National Motorcycle Museum Solihull where your key storage safety concerns will be addressed.

This year’s theme, Safety in the Storage Industry: Halloween brings together seven experienced industry speakers presenting on potentially petrifying themes such as Risky Business, The Exorcist together with Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Speakers include former HSE inspector, Chris Taylor who is offering an overview of risk assessments, how they should be used and how to avoid common pitfalls. On the way he busts a few myths, slays a few demons and shows you how you might avoid an ancient Egyptian curse (or an Improvement Notice)!

You may have seen what many would describe as a howler or two. SESS’s Little Shop of Horrors will definitely get your alarm bells ringing and also show you how not to do it. In Mentor’s presentation on the Seven Deadly Sins, Stuart Taylor breaks down the seven common causes of forklift accidents and reveals the theme that links them all. He will offer practical, easy to apply tips to significantly reduce the risk of both accidents in the workplace and damage to storage equipment.

In Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, SEMA Approved Inspector Gary Steed presents on how end-users can be tricked into permitting incorrect installation of their storage equipment, guiding you through practical examples of right and wrong procedures

In Trick or Treat, Arco’s training manager Gary Wood will address height safety equipment for rescue or evacuation, what sort of harness and attachments to use and when. He will also address the elusive issue of the perceived need to hook on inside MEWPS.

The event concludes with a chilling tale of complacency by impact speaker, Paul Mahoney. It’s not the accident itself, but the lead up by the individual, team, organisation and industry. You’ll leave very mindful, asking yourself; “What is my organisation really prepared to accept?”

Chaired by SEMA President, Jaap Vos he says: “SEMA’s 2019 Safety Conference is a must-attend event for end users who want to stay abreast of best practice, helping you learn how other organisations are leading the way and to offer solid guidance for your company.

Investment in storage safety is a sound commercial decision and well within reach when you follow best practice. Our seven speakers with wide ranging backgrounds cover important issues such as legislation, risk assessments, and real-life case studies. These examples bring home the diverse responsibilities of safe storage management.”

New products and information will be on display from leading storage suppliers in the break-out areas. The event starts at 9.55am, includes a buffet lunch and is excellent value for money at £135 + VAT.

For more information, exhibit or book a place telephone 0121 6016359 or email



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