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06 June 2019

Manufacturing based on quality, safety and reliability

SEMA manufacturers and associates rank among the very best in the world. They are largely (but not all) members of global organisations for whom the principles of quality, safety and reliability are fundamental to long standing market success. SEMA manufacturing members lead the industry in terms of the research and development of storage product and systems and have their own first-class manufacturing and test facilities in the UK and/or Europe. Some SEMA manufacturing members are independently certified to BS EN ISO 9001 QAS 2000.

Under the remit of due diligence, Full Members are required to ensure their product designs conform to a third-party assessment in line with the SEMA QAS. As part of an ongoing initiative, they are compelled to engage in independent product assessments carried out by the University of Salford. In doing so, SEMA Is continually reviewing the technical processes required in the design of racking materials in order to substantiate their robust manufacturing Quality Assurance scheme.

The University of Salford’s School of Computing, Science & Engineering is commissioned by SEMA manufacturers to carry out independent compliance checks to help ensure that a manufacturer’s design calculations and product testing processes meet with SEMA’s published Codes of Practice, e.g. SEMA: 2008 (amended 2014) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking.

Paul Busby, Project Manager at the University’s Commercial Enterprise Unit explains the process.

He says; “This initiative by SEMA manufacturers helps inform customers that a purchased racking system from a SEMA Member conforms with best industry practice. The process involves rigorous compliance checks by reviewing sample calculations and test data provided by the company. As a result, we are able to provide SEMA with confirmation that, in our opinion, the documentation which the company has provided meets with the Codes of Practice relevant to SEMA or others.

“On the satisfactory completion of a SEMA manufacturer’s assessment, the outcome is that we write to the Full Member stating that all of Salford’s queries have been satisfactorily addressed with reference to their storage equipment documentation. We list the reviewed documents provided and state that the result satisfies us. Therefore, we are able to agree that the design process meets the requirements of the relevant design code.

“The SEMA Full Member company then sends a copy of this letter to SEMA to substantiate their application for or continuation of Full Member membership status.”

David Corns, SEMA’s Secretary General commented: “SEMA is delighted to be working with the University of Salford in order to validate its quality assurance programme in their capacity as a leading authority on product design assessments involving structural calculations. We believe that Salford’s engineers are very well placed to offer independent verification on SEMA Members’ products to say that they are manufactured in accordance with leading storage industry Codes of Practice”.

Return on Investment

SEMA members uphold the latest safety standards and are best placed to provide advice in a fast-moving manufacturing environment. They also cover associated safety risks and other essential requirements. In terms of Return on Investment, safety is self-funding. It can be proven that a well-designed racking system built to SEMA Codes of Practice offers longevity, so you can access products at the right time, goods remain merchandisable and staff can work in a safe environment.

A correctly designed, manufactured and installed pallet racking system from a SEMA Full Member is robust and will deliver on longevity. Basically, it’s a skeleton designed by a SEMA structural engineer and its structural rigidity is calculated to meet precise design criteria under specified conditions. To bear heavy loads, it must have strong joints and be securely anchored to a solid floor. Once loaded, the rack or its components should not distort.

Through the careful application of industry Codes of Practice, the adherence to a bespoke quality system and the rigorous application of other member groups’ safety initiatives by the SEMA Approved Rack Inspector qualification, SEIRS and SAIC, SEMA Members offer customers quality, safety and reliability, resulting in real value for money.

“End-users can buy SEMA manufactured product with the utmost confidence. Together with the services of our associated member groups and trained installers, our members are able to fulfil the entire quality circle, protecting your investment, stock and workforce.” Matt Grierson, MD, SEMA Full Member Manufacturing Company

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