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Watch SAIC's safe installation in action

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15 May 2016

Watch SAIC's safe installation in action
By Lionel Drage, chairman of the SEMA SAIC group (SEMA Approved Installation Companies) 

Thankfully racking collapses are few and far between. But they can and do happen, causing serious injury or fatality; and loss of reputation through claims for corporate negligence. Sadly, it is almost always due to bad practice.

SEMA is the British Trade Association of the Storage Equipment Industry. Adjustable pallet racking systems and other storage systems made by SEMA manufacturers are designed to current and up-to-date Codes of Practice and to withstand the rigours of the busiest of warehouses, even those operating 24/7.

If installed correctly and properly maintained, SEMA designed and manufactured storage systems will give maximum life in service and the best return on your investment.

A year on, the 2015 CDM regulations are in force and correct installation plays a key part of safety, both during construction and after handover. Back in February 2016, new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences were applied with greater fines and potential custodial sentences a strong possibility for those who flout the law.

SEMA recently commissioned a short video as an overview to end users and specifiers on how adjustable pallet racking is safely constructed in a real, live build pallet racking project, using the trained and qualified personnel of a SEMA Approved Installation Company (SAIC). You can watch it here

SAIC member companies must be committed to best practice, recognised industry standards and safe ways of working.

The rigorous audit process which is applied is just about to get tougher as every SAIC is now to be independently audited on quality on no fewer than 38 quality measures by external quality assurance company, QCS International in order to retain their membership status. The audit process follows in the footsteps of the SEMA Distributor Group’s pioneering audit process in 2014 and should be complete by the end of 2016.

Critical assessment will cover legal and regulatory compliance which includes checking policies, insurances, internal record keeping and training. The audit will evaluate a SAIC’s management system, the control of non-conforming products and services and assess the member’s health and safety controls.  It will review how a SAIC manages installers, their licences, qualifications, training and workmanship. Finally it will consider how each member communicates with its customers, handles feedback and measures customer satisfaction.

So every company permitted to display the SAIC logo and annual certificate will have proved that their products and services meet the SEMA QA standard.

SAICs must use SEIRS installers
SAIC companies manage storage installation projects and must ensure that their permanent installers are SEIRS trained, their entire subcontract labour also SEIRS qualified and that an appropriate number of installers are on site qualified to SEIRS supervisory level.

Established back in 2000, SEIRS is the Storage Equipment Installers’ Registration Scheme for individual installers. Trained and qualified installers carry a SEIRS registration card. It’s also worth noting that SEIRS is the only industry specific scheme where training must be refreshed every three years.

For peace of mind, choose SAIC member companies where you can be sure that safety and storage equipment installation go hand in hand. So why risk it?

SAICs are part of SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association. Committed to promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members, SEMA brings together all elements of safety on the storage industry. Look out for all of SEMA’s membership groups – SAIC, SEIRS, and SDGs (which stands for SEMA Distributor Companies) and SARIs who are SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors.

Calling installer companies who measure up to SAIC standards
SEMA is looking to open up SEMA Approved Installation Company membership to quality installation companies who attain SAIC standards.  This group is an important instrument for “raising the bar” in the installation sector and is led by professional installation companies. This continual process of improvement is achieved through the collective efforts of committed and dedicated individuals and interaction with other organisations. SAICs are very much encouraged to influence and participate in this dialogue.

Not for the faint-hearted, there is a rigorous application procedure and as part of the SEMA audit, each SAIC member’s credentials must fulfil exacting standards.

The benefits accruing to SAIC members include affiliation with SEMA’s ethos and credibility, sharing the benefits of SEMA’s promotional activity in the media, a company web entry at and generous discounts on SEIRS training and other SEMA events.

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