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Sperrin Metal Products Ltd Sperrin Metal Products Ltd

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Sperrin Metal Storage Solutions was established in 1963 and has grown steadily since then to become one of the leading storage manufacturers in Britain and Ireland. It offers a complete range of products from the design and manufacture through to the installation, but at the same time has remained flexible to adapt to any specific requirements asked for by its customers.This commitment to customers is backed up by 100,000 sq feet of manufacturing facilities in Draperstown, N. Ireland and over 40,000sq feet at its Helmsman’s premises in Bury St Edmunds, England. These premises have an extensive range of equipment, essential to produce a range of world class products that will meet customer expectations. In total the Company employs almost 200 people.

The success of Sperrin Metal Storage Solutions over the years in its sales of pallet racking, shelving, library shelving, mezzanines, lockers and cupboards is illustrated by the range of customers it has sold to. These range from the large multinationals representing most industries right through to the small entrepreneur, including also government bodies. Sperrin Metal sells throughout the UK and Ireland as well as mainland Europe and the Middle East.

Our highly experienced design team uses modern techniques to work with the customer to ensure they get the most from their investment. Sperrin Metal Storage Solutions is proud of the range and quality it offers. A recognized strength of Sperrin Metal is our ability to turn an order into a product with a minimum of lead time and in any colour required by the customer. Installation, if required, is conducted by established crews which know Sperrin’s product intimately.

Contact Information:
Head Office 

Sperrin Metal Products Ltd
Cahore Road
Co. Derry
BT45 7AP
Northern Ireland

Telephone: 02879 628362
Email: sales@sperrin-metal.com  
Website: www.sperrin-metal.com