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More than one Load Notice?

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01 May 2020

Q. I have a query regarding sections of racking which have different beam lengths within the same run, ie some bays are two pallets wide, some are one pallet wide.

My query is whether these sections of racking should have more than one load notice to reflect this? We have had three SEMA approved inspectors on site doing racking inspections over the last 18 months and none of them have flagged this up, however it was raised when we had a recent visit from the HSE.


A. The load notice should provide sufficient information to enable the rack to be used in accordance with the designer’s intentions.

If you have racking with different configurations then this information could be transmitted by providing a different load notice for each configuration or, alternatively, by using a load notice that gave an acceptable solution for all the configurations - what an engineer might call a “conservative” or “lower-bound solution”.


There is more information about load notices on the SEMA website

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