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Load Notices - Legal Requirement?

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18 April 2020

Q. I am just looking for some guidance please? I am trying to find out if load notices on racking are a legal requirement as searching on the internet I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere.


A. There is no specific legislation that requires a load sign to be placed on racking. However, there is an obligation on an employer to ensure that employees have all the information that is needed to operate the racking system safely.

The load notice does not just give information about the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the racking; there are also important instructions and information about the general usage of the racking e.g. prohibitions about altering or climbing the racking as well as an instruction to report damage and signposts to information sources.

Without the load notice you would need to find an alternative means of transmitting all the information given on the load notice to the employees.


You might like to refer to the Load notice video on the SEMA website for some more background information

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