Common FAQs - Inspections

I am not sure if I have shelving or racking and whether it needs a regular inspection

15 May 2020

Q. We have several shelving/racking units (nothing on the scale of large warehouse racking systems) located in offices for archive and a small storage unit within our Estate. My knowledge on whether they require a formal yearly inspection and/or frequent period checks by a competent person is lacking and would like to ask for your assistance.


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Three Layers of Inspection

01 May 2020


Q. We are looking at getting some new pallet racking which will be installed by a company and not ourselves. My question is once it is up I know we will have to do weekly checks on it but will an official check need to be done on it by somebody or is the installation enough?



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Who should inspect?

07 April 2020


Q. We have a warehouse containing high level pallet racking and use this to store palleted products.

What are the recommended inspection times for this type of racking, is it annual by a competent person and if so would the competent person be expected to have undertaken some form of training on racking inspections to demonstrate competency?




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Inspection and Repairs

27 March 2020

Q. What racking inspections do you recommend and at what frequencies? I have been informed that if any repairs to the racking have been done by unqualified persons, i.e. our maintenance personnel who are perfectly able but not specifically trained in repairing racking, then should an accident occur, involving the racking collapsing or some such, we would not be insured. Is this correct? Similarly, if the racking was erected by unqualified/untrained persons, would the same be true?



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