Racking Industry Standards

A SEMA Approved Rack Inspector
Warehouse Safety & Training is Fundamental

Are you aware of the correct racking industry standards in the UK? As demand for warehousing grows so does the need to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities and liabilities. A safe racking system is essential to any business, so consideration needs to be given to the design, installation, and ongoing operation of storage systems.

Since 1968, SEMA has been a leading voice on safe storage. Having developed our SEMA Codes of Practice and guidelines to address Health and Safety issues; from design through to installation and use. It’s a three-step approach; safe design, safe installation by approved installers and safe inspection and maintenance. The best approach is to use a company with a good track record and reputation.


Establishing a rigorous maintenance, inspection and repair programme for your racking system is essential to keeping it in good working order. After all a racking installation is a highly stressed piece of engineering and daily, can be subjected to high loads, impacts and even minor collisions. Companies who don’t operate a structured approach to rack inspection and repair may risk invalidating their commercial insurance policy.


We recommend that the management team appoints a Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS). They will take day-to-day responsibility for maintaining safe operation of your storage systems, rack inspection and maintenance records. They need to have the skills necessary to analyse damage data, identify trends and, most importantly, have the authority to implement action.  SEMA recommends the PRSS applies into company procedure a risk assessment and method statement for racking and storage inspection.

To ensure your PRRS is aware of their responsibilities they should have attended training, such as SEMA Rack Safety Awareness Course.

For the ‘expert’ inspection SEMA operates a nationwide network of When a SARI undertakes an inspection; a report is provided, and a traffic light system indicates actions required and over what timescale.