How to find a racking supplier?

Are you looking for a racking supplier?

In these days of ‘buyer beware’, logistics and warehouse solution providers need assurance that safety systems are in place. That's why SEMA members are stepping up to the plate.  Don't just find any racking supplier for your storage needs.   

All SEMA racking suppliers have been independently audited for full quality assurance.  Whether your warehouse storage solution requires a SEMA Full Member, a SEMA Approved Installation Company (SAIC) or the full-service of a SEMA Distribution Group member (SDG) all can be located on our map and are identified by their unique SEMA logos.

Looking for more SEMA Services?

To find a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) in your area use our find a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) map.  And for more information about the specific member types in SEMA please check our member services area

If you are you looking for advice or information on racking industry standards, technical support or training for the person responsible for racking safety in your team - SEMA has the support warehouse owners need.