Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association

Committed to promoting and extending racking safety, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members. 

What is SEMA?

We are the UK’s Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association.  Therefore our mission is to promote racking safety, installation and use of warehouse racking systems. As manufactured and supplied by our members. SEMA are the professional body for the storage industry, and consider everything relevant to warehouse racking systems and benefit for the industry. We do this through the distribution of technical safety advice, SEMA training and SEMA rack safety inspections.

Each of the SEMA groups come together to fully support warehouse owners. These include manufacturing, distribution, installation and inspection.  Our members are united in their aim to raise standards within the storage industry, meet exact measures laid down on quality control and stick to safe working practices.

The Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association is the UK-wide industry partner and point of reference on storage safety for the HSE, Local Authorities, RoSPA and the CSCS.

About SEMA

Since the Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association was first launched in 1968.  SEMA has forged its reputation for excellence. SEMA member businesses, together with committees, SEMA racking regulations and training combine their knowledge, and skill to become the leading voice on safe storage practice.

Today our provision promotes a cyclic approach to your racking system. This comprises; safe design to meet SEMA’s rack regulations as supplied by member Manufacturers and SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) offering full traceability of product.  Secondly, safe installation by SEMA Accredited Installation Companies (SAIC) using SEIRS qualified labour. And then following up, the installation will need to be maintained properly by SEMA racking inspectors (SARI). This ensures your warehouse racking system in safe and good working order.

SEMA aims to:

British Materials Handling Federation

SEMA is a member of the British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) and Federation Européenne de la Manutention (FEM). Through the BMHF, SEMA is the UK National Committee Member of one of FEM’s seven product groups; Racking and Shelving which is responsible for deriving product standardisation.


Within the UK, quality assurance of your racking system comes when it has been designed to either the SEMA Code or EN 15512. It is acceptable to buy or sell storage equipment in the UK that has been designed to either of these codes.

SEMA is proactive in the development of standards for the storage industry in the UK. We develop and influence both National and European Codes of Practice and guidelines for the design, supply, and installation of all types of storage equipment.

The SEMA Design Code has been in use for over 40 years and has a long history of providing racking with a high standard of safety. Our manufacturers are familiar with the SEMA Codes of Practice. Members ensure quality of design, manufacture, installation and finally usage, including inspection and repair. The design code is continually updated as part of a regular review process and SEMA manufacturers are committed to new revisions of the standard.

Please see the section on our SEMA Support for further information, technical support and publications.