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SEMA/FEM 10.2.06 Part 2 Design of Hand Loaded Steel Static Shelving

This document defines the design procedure for hand loaded Static Steel Shelving verified by analytical methods. Shelving systems are generally standard products where design by calculation alone may not be appropriate or may not lead to the most economical solutions and it is, therefore, usually appropriate to design on the basis of a combination of tests and calculation.

FEM 10.2.06 is based on the safety and design concept of the European standards series “Steel Static Storage Systems” and this document provides supplementary design rules to suit the particular requirements of Shelving systems.

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SEMA/FEM 10.2.09 The Design of Cantilever Racking

This FEM Code specifies the structural design principles and requirements applicable to all types of cantilever rack systems fabricated from steel members intended for the storage of unit loads and subject to predominantly static loads. Components include columns, cantilever arms, bases, bracing and beams. Bracing systems are required in order to achieve a three dimensional & braced structure with aisles to enable industrial trucks to reach the storage positions. Although components are standardised, they are only standard to each manufacturer. Cantilever racking can be used for internal or external storage and this important publication includes calculations and design principles for this specialised form of racking.

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SEMA/FEM 10.2.11 Part 1 - Rail Dependent Storage and Retrieval Systems: Consideration of accidental kinetic energy action in compliance with EN 528. Pallet Racking

This document gives guidance relating to R&S operated by Storage/Retrieval Machines, considering the requirements of the Machinery Directive with regard to possible hazards and risks which should be avoided or minimized.

EN 528: 2008 “Rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment – Safety” is the Standard for this area but due to substantially increased velocities of load handling devices over the last decade, friction clutches will no longer resolve the issues relating to potential impacts. This code has been written to consider possible collisions inducing kinetic energy to the R&S. Kinetic energy design is not common practice and this code provides guidance for single and double deep beam pallet racking, as well as pallet shuttle racking.

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SEMA/FEM 10.2.15 Part 1 - Worked Example Adjustable Pallet Racking According to EN 15512: Unbraced Racking

As one of the Standards in the European EN-series “Steel static storage systems”, EN 15512 “Adjustable pallet racking systems – Principles for structural design” was published in October 2009. Due to the relative complexity of this particular load bearing structure in cold-formed steel, ERF/FEM R&S has decided to draft a Worked Example as guidance to the structural engineering of this rack type, taking into account decades of design experience.

FEM 10.2.15- Part 1 deals with the structural design calculation example of an unbraced adjustable pallet racking, in accordance with EN 15512: 2009 : structural modelling and analysis, using appropriate finite element software. The mechanical component properties are assumed, but should be determined in accordance with EN 15512. This document is particularly useful for small and medium enterprises, as well as for checking engineers.

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SEIRS Site Briefings CD ROM Aug 2017

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SEMA/FEM 10.2.16 The Design and Use of Rack Protection for Adjustable Pallet Racking

Upright and Frame Protection.

The purpose of this code is to provide information on the requirements, design and use of frame protection and upright protection, freestanding and upright-connected, of pallet racking. Such protection may prevent damage to uprights and upright frame bracing members, depending on the level of impact.

Minimising the possibility of damage to pallet racking is one of the important challenges facing the storage industry.

The form of protection relies on a number of factors, including:

1. Specification in accordance with EN15629

2. Design in accordance with EN15512 and EN15620

3. Installation

4. Defined responsibilities of the person responsible for staorage equipent safety (PRSES) in accordance with EN15635

5. Training of the operatives

6. Inspection and maintenance in accordance with EN15635

The provision of physical protectors should not be considered as a substitute for the correct provision of the above items. Consideration of rack protection may be part of the risk assessments to limit the effect of a potential impact.

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